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26th Oct 2017

BBG 72nd Meeting to be held on Thursday 26th October’17 at Hyatt Regency. Read More

16th Nov 2017

BBG 73rd meeting to be held on Thursday 16th November’17

14th Dec 17

BBG 74th meeting as X’mas Networking on Thursday 14th December’17

Visit to Tour Auroville forest – Joss Brooks – Date to be decided

Message from Chairman

Greetings to all visitors to BBG Chennai !

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Somehow 2017 is moving faster than ever and we find ourselves past mid-year with several events including terrorist attacks in UK and a general election that was not required turning into disaster for ruling Conservatives, possibly changing way imminent Brexit happens/

Despite all political negatives, UK exports and tourism up owing weak Sterling. Outlook continues to be uncertain with clamour by all for Government plans of Brexit to be made public (enabling EU to run circles around UK!) Reality is that final outcome will go to the wire at close of negos in Spring-2019. Expectations should be that UK will pay for trade and City of London biz and settle arrangement for divorce bill / with EU compromise on controls on EU workers into UK and all laws to devolve back to UK’s Parliament. All the zillions of other issues arising after 40-year relationship will find resting places as dust settles! Bear in mind, the resilience of Britain blundering through having been on it’s own through bulk of history…..

BBG Chennai continues with active schedule of monthly meetings entering its 7th year and 70th meeting scheduled on 17 August 2017.

We took part in BBG Leaders Meet at Kolkata on 18 March ’17 for continuity of all-India BBGs and to moot BBG-centric agenda including revival of annual BBG Conference. It was a useful gathering to review and assess different activities of all BBGs – Our appreciation to Shourya Mandal, Chairman of BBG Kolkata in hosting this event.

We made an interesting visit in April to BBG Eco-warrior, Joss Brooks of Auroville in Pondicherry in support of Pichandikulam forest restoration & tree-growing and water-bodies programs as part of our Green-agenda.

On 30 April, members took a Heritage Walk on Marina along city’s famous beach from the Lighthouse to University of Madras / Prince Wallajah’s Palace.

Our Committee Member, Prakash Challa as Convenor of the National Conference of CREDAI hosts in London on 10/11 August an impressive gathering of 850 property developers from India making a most successful event.

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Old Madras, Chennai Today: Video

This film by Latha & Rajiv Menon on "Old Madras, Chennai today" was created on the occasion of the British Business Group's 2nd National Conference - The Indo British Partnerhship: the Unique Opportunity held on 28-29th Sep 2012 in Chennai.