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With all events happening since March 2020, as Corona took centre stage with lockdowns in India and in UK – very little could be done with BBG activities.

With no meetings in April and May, we held a small revival meeting on Zoom with 15/16 members on how members are getting back to business, difficult as things are

The July 2020 meeting will be held on 23rd July- this is our 100th since BBG started 10 years ago

It is good to get BBG South activated after four months

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BBG South conducts its 100th Meeting Virtually

BBG South along with close to 50 of its members conducted its 100th meeting virtually. Paul Dryden, Deputy Head of Mission along with Prakash Challa, SSPDL spoke on the situation owing to COVID 19, followed by the speaker of the day, Dr. ES Krishnamoorthy from Buddhi Clinic.